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WeThePeeps.Net is a community for progressive grassroots activists to come together who want to fight to enact real change in The United States of America. From Medicare4All, Student Debt, Education Reform, Equality, all the way to the oppressive capitalistic society, we have become because the corporations run our country and own our elected officials.


Far too often, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter drown out the progressive voice. We are unable to come together as a whole to elect officials who will represent us and our progressive ideologies. This site does not attempt to replace other social media sites but rather allow Americans who follow progressive ideologies to come together to pass ballot initiatives at the local, state, and federal levels. For the 2022 election in Michigan, a ballot initiative will require 425,059 signatures to become an amendment and 340,047 to become a statute.


  • Initiated constitutional amendment (ICA): 10 percent of the votes cast for governor
  • Initiated state statute (ISS): 8 percent of the votes cast for governor
  • Veto referendum (VR): 5 percent of the votes cast for governor


One person alone cannot do this.  Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter do allow us a voice to communicate our message. Still, far too often, our message is lost because of the amount of information that flows through their sites or the trolls that do what they can to spread blatant lies and misinformation. These two issues hinder the progressive base from coming uniting.  WeThePeeps.Net hopes to become the home base for progressive grassroots activism.


We welcome anyone who wishes to become a grassroots activist that can help lead other individuals in their specialties. We understand many people have personal lives and issues that keep them from doing more. Still, together, we all have talents and opportunities that will allow us to succeed in our initiatives.



WeThePeeps.Net does not welcome the following: 


We do not welcome any hate speech, calls for violence, libelous statements, or conspiracy theories.


We do not welcome trolls who come here to divide the progressive movement. We will ban these accounts immediately because we are a self-moderated community. We do not welcome activities that promote violence or hate. We do not welcome arguments or defamatory statements within the community; take your fights elsewhere; this is a movement, not a boxing ring.


Do you have more ideas that are not already listed within this site or want a more detailed movement named, or issues logging in or registering? Please contact any moderator to help you get that setup or email webmaster@wethepeeps.net.



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